Goals and Objectives

A Vision for Our Community

"The future is not a probable place we are being taken to,
but a preferred place we are creating.
The tracks to it are not found and followed,
but are made by laying and constructing a trail."

- Peter Ellyard, PhD, 1993

The City of Diamond Bar was incorporated in 1989. Although it is considered a relatively young city, the Diamond Bar "community" has, in fact, evolved over the last 40 years. During that time, it has enjoyed steady, managed growth, guided by a unique vision that clearly distinguishes Diamond Bar as a special community, offering an excellent environment in which to live, work and play.

As noted in the City of Diamond Bar's General Plan, residents and business professionals in the community have created a foundation for the future.

Retention of the rural living community character.
There is a strong, long-held goal among residents to maintain and protect distinct, physical attributes of Diamond Bar which make it a desirable place in which to live, through a careful balance of housing, businesses and services, public facilities, and preservation of significant natural environmental resources.

Preservation of open space resources.
Significant privately and publicly owned vacant areas exist within the boundaries of Diamond Bar and within its Sphere of Influence (SOI). The preservation of these resources contributes to the goal of retaining the City's distinct character and offers educational and recreational opportunities.

Portions of the 3,591 acre Sphere of Influence (SOI) and abutting lands within the City have been included in Significant Ecological Area 15 by the County of Los Angeles. SEA 15 is considered to be a major significant ecological asset to the community. The City will play a proactive role in the preservation of this resource by assuring that extensive analysis and review precede any changes from its current uses and possibilities.

Reduction of regional traffic impacts on local streets.
The City is committed to a proactive involvement in regional efforts to solve and/or reduce circulation impacts on the local community. Current plans and programs for implementation of the Circulation Element are designed to reduce congestion.

Promotion of viable commercial activity.
The City will play a proactive role in business and economic development. Availability of a full range of desired retail goods and services and production of desired City sales tax revenue will be addressed by an Economic Development Strategic Plan.

Provision of well-maintained, attractive housing.
Housing which accommodates people of all ages, cultures, occupations and levels of financial status.

Creation of a community environment.
A community which nurtures social, cultural, religious, educational and recreational opportunities for its citizens.

The constellation of all parts of this Vision should produce and project an identity which is characterized by a peaceful, safe community which cherishes the rights of its citizens to grow and prosper, to assemble and interact constructively, to create and protect family life, and to be represented by an effective, caring and productive City government.

The Diamond Bar Vision recognizes that a strong, viable partnership between its citizens and elected officials will be necessary to ensure attainment of the community's vision. The "path" to the future will require a mutual commitment.

The Wheels are in Motion . . .
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