DB History Project

Take a stroll down memory lane...

db_ranch.jpgThe City is seeking the donation or loan of historical items for archive and display, and current or past residents to video document their Diamond Bar story.

  • What do I donate?
    • Suggessted items include but are not limited to...Ranch era tools & photos, Transamerica Corporation documents dated from the late 1950's to the early 1970's, news items about early incorporation attempts, as well as 1989 incorporation, or any other items or photos of historical significance.
  • No items?...videotape your story!
    • What was Diamond Bar like when you first moved into town? Did you participate in the City's incorporation? Why did you move here? Share your favorite story or memory via video, voice recording, or in writing.
  • Where do i take items?
    • Drop off items at City Hall during business hours. If needed, we'll gladly arrange to pick up your items or make a house call to videotape or voice record your story.
  • Where and when does videotaping take place?
    • Videotaping takes place at the Diamond Bar Center by appointment. If needed, we'll gladly arrange a house call to videotape or voice record your story.
  • Is there a deadline?
    • No, the History Project is a "living" project with no ending!
  • Will I be compensated for my donation or videotaping?
    • No compensation will be paid for items or stories.
  • In what ways will my video, loaned/donated item(s), or photograph(s) be used?
    • All will be preserved for historical purposes by the City. In addition, items may be used for promotion of the city and its history, including advertisements, education, books, website, etc.

For more information, or to scheduled your video appointment, contact Marsha Roa, Public Information Manager at 909.839.7055 or email at info@diamondbarca.gov