Public Works FAQs

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who paints house numbers on the curb?
How do I request repair of a out street light?
Where can I store my trash containers?
How are bee nests/swarms handled?

Q: Who paints house numbers on the curb?
A: The City of Diamond Bar will authorize one company to paint house numbers on the curb throughout the entire City every few years. The company selected by the City will always have an authorization from the City on the paperwork that is given to residents.

Periodically, companies which have not been contracted by the City, or obtained the proper permits, will canvass the City and charge residents to paint their house number on the curb. Many times, this results in the resident being charged anywhere from $10 to $40 for work that is of poor quality or incorrect. Often times, if the resident doesn’t pay for the service, the company will deface the curb by scratching off the paint or applying black paint over the numbers.

In an effort to combat this type of scam and protect its citizens, the City of Diamond Bar is working with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to identify and prosecute any non-permitted companies performing this type of scam. The City is also implementing a public awareness campaign to notify the community of these types of issues.

Residents who have any information about curb painting companies performing work in the City of Diamond Bar without a permit, or would like to confirm a company’s claim that they are permitted by the City, are encouraged to call the City of Diamond Bar Public Works Department at 909.839.7040.

Q: How do I request repair of a out street light?
A: All streetlights within the City are property of Southern California Edison. You can report an inoperable street light by calling the City's Public Works Department at 909.839.7040 or by calling Souther California Edison at 800.655.4555 or via their website at
Q: Where can I store my trash containers?
A: All trash cans must be kept out of public view at all times. (Exception will be made on the evening prior to, and/or the day of your trash pick-up.) Rear yard storage of trash receptacles shall be screened by approved walls or fences from view of neighboring property, public and private streets, and public and private right-of-way. For bulky item pickup, contact your waste hauler - Single family residences may contact Waste Management at 909.599.1274 and multi-family residences may contact Valley Vista at 800.442.6454.
Q: How are bee nests/swarms handled?
A: Southern California is home to two different types of honeybees - the European Honey Bee and Africanized Honey Bee. Both have the same appearance and can sting only once with the same type of venom. However, Africanized Honey Bees are far more aggressive and guard a larger area around their hives. They are also more easily agitated and respond with larger swarms. Citizens can create a safe environment in and around their homes by eliminating potential nest sites such as empty containers, holes in fences, or unused sheds. Be sure to check around structures and close off gaps which are more than 1/8 inch. Cover rain spouts and vents with 1/8 inch hardware cloth. Watch for regular activity of bees during spring, summer, and fall.If you find a nest or swarm in or on your private property, do not try to remove it yourself. Los Angeles County residents can call the AHB Service 800 Hotline at 800.925.3800 to find out what non-structural bee services are available within their zip code.If you need to report a beehive located on public property that needs to be removed, please contact the Community Services Department at 909.839.7060.If you have an emergency due to a severe bee-stinging incident, dial 911 immediately.