Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Diamond Bar Library located?
Who paints house numbers on the curb?
Who do I call to report Red Ants?
Where can I register to vote?
How do I request repair of a out street light?
Where is the Chamber of Commerce located?
When do City elections occur?
Garage and yard sales...what are the rules?

Q: Where is the Diamond Bar Library located?

The Diamond Bar Public Library, which is operated by Los Angeles County, is located on the first floor of the City Hall building, 21800 Copley Drive.

The library is open from noon to 9pm, Monday through Thursday, and from 10am to 5pm on Friday and Saturday.

For more information about library services, please call 909.861.4978 or visit the library's website at

Q: Who paints house numbers on the curb?
A: The City of Diamond Bar will authorize one company to paint house numbers on the curb throughout the entire City every few years. The company selected by the City will always have an authorization from the City on the paperwork that is given to residents.

Periodically, companies which have not been contracted by the City, or obtained the proper permits, will canvass the City and charge residents to paint their house number on the curb. Many times, this results in the resident being charged anywhere from $10 to $40 for work that is of poor quality or incorrect. Often times, if the resident doesn’t pay for the service, the company will deface the curb by scratching off the paint or applying black paint over the numbers.

In an effort to combat this type of scam and protect its citizens, the City of Diamond Bar is working with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to identify and prosecute any non-permitted companies performing this type of scam. The City is also implementing a public awareness campaign to notify the community of these types of issues.

Residents who have any information about curb painting companies performing work in the City of Diamond Bar without a permit, or would like to confirm a company’s claim that they are permitted by the City, are encouraged to call the City of Diamond Bar Public Works Department at 909.839.7040.

Q: Who do I call to report Red Ants?
Be wary of RIFA mounds - Most people would agree that ants are pesky insects that interfere with outdoor activities, like picnicking, gardening, or simply spending time with family and friends.

But it’s a particular type of ant – the Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA) – that may be more of a concern than a nuisance.

RIFA are 1/8” to ¼” in length and have a red colored heads and thoraces and black abdomens. They are very aggressive by nature and will repeatedly sting anything that disturbs them or their colony. Though not usually life threatening, RIFA stings are known to cause a burning sensation and become easily infected. They may cause complications for individuals who are hypersensitive to the venom.

To help reduce the chance of being stung, wear closed-toed shoes and gloves when gardening; teach children in your household about fire ants and their potential hazards.

Fire ant mounds can reach 18 inches in height and are similar to gopher mounds, except soil deposited is of finer texture.

Suspicious mounds on private property should be reported to local County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office by calling 626.575.4251; while those located in local parks should be reported to the City’s Community Services Department at 909.839.7060. Additional RIFA information can be obtained by visiting

Q: Where can I register to vote?
A: You can register to vote by picking up a registration for from a number of places including Diamond Bar City Hall, the Diamond Bar Public Library, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and the Untied States Post Office. For more information, please click here.
Q: How do I request repair of a out street light?
A: All streetlights within the City are property of Southern California Edison. You can report an inoperable street light by calling the City's Public Works Department at 909.839.7040 or by calling Souther California Edison at 800.655.4555 or via their website at
Q: Where is the Chamber of Commerce located?
A: The Regional Chamber of Commerce of San Gabriel Valley is an independent, non-profit organization created to support the business interests of the community, and to provide business-related services and information to the residents and visitors of eastern San Gabriel Valley. Offices are open between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday and are located at 19720 E. Walnut Drive South, Walnut, CA 91789.

For more information about services and programs that the Chamber of Commerce offers, please call 909.869.0701.
Q: When do City elections occur?
A: Elections for Diamond Bar City Council members are regularly scheduled during the month of November for odd-numbered years. Any United States citizen may run for the Diamond Bar City Council as long as he or she is registered to vote in Diamond Bar. Council members are elected for terms of four years.

For more information, contact the City Clerk's Office at 909.839.7010 or click here.

Q: Garage and yard sales...what are the rules?
A: Permits for garage or yard sales are not required, but residents are asked to hold no more than two per year. Advertising signs may not be posted in the public right-of-way (for example on street signs, street trees, traffic signals, streetlight poles, or inside road medians). Residents may advertise through local publications or by asking neighbors to post signs on their private property. Signs shall not exceed three square feet in area and may only be displayed during the time of the sale. The signs shall be promptly removed at the end of the sale.