Recycling Used Oil

OPTION A: Take it to a state Certified Collection Center

1. Place used oil in a secure plastic container.
2. Drain used filters and put them in a zip-lock bag.
3. Take your materials to one of the following collection centers for recycling:

  • Autozone
    303 W. Diamond Bar Blvd.    
  • Firestone Tires
    1150 S. Grand Ave.
  • Jiffy Lube (filters okay)
    2845 S. Diamond Bar Blvd.

4. Earn 16 cents per gallon of your used oil.

OPTION B: Place your used oil* at your curbside on your refuse collection day

  1. Place used oil in an original oil container of one gallon or less volume.
  2. Bottle caps need to be closed tightly.
  3. Oil filters need to be placed in a clear zip-lock bag.
  4. Place curbside next to carts.

*Up to eight quarts (two gallons) can be collected per month from each residence along with up to two oil filters. For questions, contact Waste Management at 909.599.1274.